What a shame!

No i did not make this french toast, it was actually served to me in a restaurant, and it doesn’t stop there wait till you hear the rest of the story.

Well i’m not going to mention any names but i went to have breakfast with my family in a known restaurant, my dad ordered the Arabic breakfast that consisted of “Hummus, foul and Lebneh”. When my dad took a bite he immediately knew it was canned, i even tried it myself and he was right it did taste canned, i asked the waitress and she assured that it came from a can, i then asked to speak to the manager and with all confidence he comes and says yes they are canned what is the problem all restaurants do that it’s very normal, and he said that they don’t have time to soak the chic peas and the foul all night to prepare it from scratch! are you freaking kidding me? to buy all these cans served in that breakfast will not cost me more than KD1 and they are charging for that dish KD3.500 can you believe it? if you’re not going to create something from scratch in a restaurant then why the hell have it on your menu? to rip people off? OH and my mom ordered french toast with bacon and they serve it with maple syrup, bacon and maple syrup?? not only the combination sucks but they have also burned the toast!

Really, if you’re going to open a restaurant business why the hell don’t you put your heart and soul into it? i know i’m never stepping foot again in that place AGAIN!


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