Meat Banitsa

Me and my hubby didn’t know what to have for dinner last night, so we were thinking and he said “do that thing in the oven with meat you did one time” and I was more than happy to!!

The meat thing is called “Meat Banitsa” basically it’s a meat pie using the filo dough, the word “Banitsa” is a traditional Bulgarian pastry that is prepared with layers of filo dough and your choice of filling, in my case I filled it with mushroom and beef mince, here is the recipe:


Filo Dough

500 – 700 grams beef mince

Chopped fresh mushrooms “as much as you want”

1 big Onion cut in small pieces

3 eggs

Parmesan Cheese

Pine nuts

Dry Basil


Salt and Pepper

Butter “for brushing the Filo dough”


1. Stir fry the onion till lightly browned then add the beef mince, when the meat is almost done add the chopped mushrooms and pine nuts, season with salt, pepper. Nutmeg and dried Basil.

2. Place 2- 4 sheets of Filo pastry in your deep tray vertically and brush lightly with butter, then layer on top your meat mixture, sprinkle some grated Parmesan cheese and spread evenly then cover with filo sheet.

3. Repeat till you run out of meat mixture and cover your last layer on top with a Filo sheet “this is very similar to a lasagna recipe”

4. In a bowl beat 3 eggs and season with salt and pepper also add a little bit of Parmesan cheese, and pour mixture on top of your tray.

5. Cook for about 30-40minutes until golden brown.

I usually like to serve this with yoghurt, or you can serve it with whatever you like it doesn’t matter.

My friend Madam Djodjen does a pumpkin Banitsa, i will nag till she posts the recipe!

***Bonne Appétit***



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