What’s for lunch today?

Lunch today consisted of Shepherd’s pie “taken from Gordon Ramsay recipe”, stuffed mushroom with cheese and Thyme, and a simple Greek salad.

I’ll just give out the recipes for all and i’ll try to be as brief as possible to not bore you to death!

1- Shepherd’s pie, you can find the recipe on the ipad application that i’ve posted about earlier or you can find it on youtube

2- Stuffed mushrooms with cheese:

basically take the stems off “i didn’t want to get rid of them nor stuff them in the caps so i just placed them together”

blend together (Thyme, Parmesan cheese, Mozarella cheese, garlic, olive oil) ingredients can vary according to your likes

Stuff the caps and just bake for around 20min, as you can see i used the dull side up of the foil i was scared to burn the mushroom, the reason i used foil was because i was too lazy to wash the pan so nothing would stick on it all i have to do is throw the foil lol

3- Greek Salad:

Chop in a bowl lettuce, cucumber, red and green pepper, cherry tomatoes, Thyme, and finally cubed Feta cheese “i used a low sodium Feta which is good”

for the dressing, just mix together lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper, again guys i don’t give out quantity cause really its according to how you like it, it doesn’t really matter.


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