What’s for Dessert today?

This is by far the most successful cheesecake I’ve ever done, it looks GREAT! here is the recipe.


250 grams Digestive biscuits

1 small stick butter

600 grams cream cheese “any kind you prefer, i like to use philadelphia”

150ml creme fresh

1cup caster sugar

1Tbsp Vanilla extract

3 eggs

1 pack of strawberry jello

sliced strawberries



1. Preheat oven 160 degrees

2. Melt butter in a bowl, crush the biscuits then mix them all together, place it at the bottom of the pan and press gently to stiffen it up and bake for 15min then remove.

3. In a bowl mix cream cheese, creme fresh, vanilla extract and caster sugar, then pour in pan and even it with a spatula then bake for 20 – 25 minutes, you’ll know it’s ready when you shake it a little only the middle wiggles the edges shouldn’t.

4. When cheesecake is cooked and left to cool, refrigerate for about an hour, meanwhile follow the instructions on your jello pack and prepare it.

5. Take out the cheesecake, place sliced strawberries on top any shape you want then pour the jello on top and refrigerate till it’s solid, it’s very important that you don’t pour the jello on top if it’s really hot it should be warm to cool so your cheese cake doesn’t melt otherwise kiss your cheesecake goodbye!

ENJOY every bite!




3 thoughts on “What’s for Dessert today?

    • Actually the best thing to do is to mold your cheese cake in a round springform cake pan, type it in google you’ll see it’s the pan that opens from the side instead of those that slide from the bottom, also when you remove your cheese cake it’s better to warm up the sides with a torch if you have one so it comes out easily, hope that was helpful enough 🙂

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