What’s for Dinner tonight? Spaghetti Meatballs!

I posted a recipe for Spaghetti Bolognaise and I mentioned in the end that in the same sauce you can cook it with meatballs.

So follow that recipe but exclude adding the meat in the beginning of course, the only thing you would do differently is drop your meatballs in the sauce and let it cook like that.

For the meatballs you’ll need:

– 500grams of beef mince

– 1 egg

– 1/4 grated Parmesan Cheese

– 1/4 cup Bread Crumbs

– Oregano

– Salt and Pepper



Place the beef in a bowl, then using your hands mix in it the egg, Parmesan, bread crumbs, oregano, salt and pepper.

While your sauce is starting to boil, roll your meat into balls and drop them gently in the sauce, make sure you place them slowly so that they don’t stick to each other, leave to cook for about 25-30minute.

Serve with sprinkled Parmesan and Oregano! yum yum


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