Healthiest method to cook food

Today i got to know more information about healthy methods to cook your food, apparently i got it wrong when it came to that cause i thought boiling was the healthiest turns out i was wrong and i will explain to you why.

I will mention each method and a brief explanation.

Steaming: The healthiest method of cooking, because it uses the vapor method therefor food maintains nutrients.

Grilling: Also healthy but food loses a lot of water and becomes dry.

Boiling: food is cooked without using any oil so they contain no fat but some vitamins dissolve in water.

Frying: It basically ads on more fat to your food, so try to avoid it as much as possible.


There are also different methods but i mentioned the main ones for now that we usually use in our daily lives.

I need to get myself a steaming pan like the one in the picture, i still don’t know how you make it flavorful through steaming, i think you add stuff to the water?? but i promise you to master it and of course i’ll share it with everyone. I do believe that steaming is the BEST way to cook vegetables since they contain lots of beneficial nutrients that you don’t want to lose.

I’m not going to lie, i am so tempted to bake some cookies, but since we’re trying to watch our weight but YET we don’t want to completely forbid ourselves so i’ll just make one type of dessert once a week, and i will try as much as possible to cut down on the fats and sugars in the content, so stay tuned for amazing pictures to be posted on the weekend! 🙂


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