Facts about food you need to know

Looks like i’m going to have to get rid of some stuff in my kitchen after what i’ve read and what i’m about to share with you guys, because you know there isn’t anything more important to us in this world than our health. I’ve done lots of reading and wrote done tons of notes, i’ll try to be brief as much as possible so everything will be explained properly.


Healthy Proteins

Consisting of fish, poultry, beans and nuts. Meats we need to avoid needless to mention the reason because they are self explanatory (Bacon – Cold cuts – processed meat) also limit red meat here is why, they usually used to say it’s because some part contains lots of saturated fat but actually that wasn’t the problem, it’s what is found their fat molecules (toxic chemicals – heavy metals and environmental pollutants) all these cause cancer! those are the cows that aren’t fed organically, just make sure to buy organically fed, that pretty much sucks, where the hell can i buy organically fed cow meat in Kuwait?



We all know how important they are, so more veggies everyone, more variety, but easy on the potatoes! they don’t count.



Eat them all! but of course there are certain ones you need to go easy on such as (Bananas – mangos – grapes – dates) those are the ones that i know of maybe there are more but i mean all in moderation should be okay.



When it comes to cooking it’s always best to use healthy oils, no one wants to use those that contain loads of saturated fats unless you wanna have layers of stubborn fat around your stomach, hips and thighs. I usually use Canola and olive oil i think they are the best.



According to my experience this step is very important and helped me lose a lot of weight. you must drink around 8 cups of water daily, every system in your body depends on water, it flushes the toxins out, carries nutrients to cells and provides moist environment for ear, nose and throat tissue.


Whole Grains:

Make sure to eat whole grains and limit refined grains, if you stuff yourself with refined carbs you are at higher risk to become overweight and with large consumption you increase rist of coronary heart disease and type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.


This is just a small healthy pyramid for our general knowledge of what you need to eat, i know that no one in the world can stick 100% to this routine, once in a while should be OK BUT just try as much as possible to not make it a day to day routine, it’s very important to organize your eating habits than to be sorry later, and by that i’m not talking about being overweight only but also the diseases that come along with your bad eating habits.





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