Rib eye steak with pepper sauce

This dish was magnificent, actually my mom recommended that i cook this steak and she was right it is delicious, and i can’t believe how easy the sauce was and how tasty, i served it with brown rice and broccoli, here is the recipe:


6 Ribeye steaks

1 cup of brown rice


2 tsp pepper

1 tsp Dijon Mustard

3 tsp light cream

1 cube magi beef stock


1. First you heat your pan, brush your steaks with olive oil and season with salt and pepper on both sides well, to know best how to season watch Gordon ramsay videos you will learn a lot, and then start grilling the steaks, let it grill on each side around 3-4 minutes or according to how you like you steak to be.

2. When your steaks are almost done, in a separate pan melt the beef stock cube in 2 cups of boiling water, add pepper and leave to simmer, then mix the dijon mustard with light cream and apply to your stock, leave to simmer around 5 minutes, if you like the thickness of you sauce just go with it if not you could add 1 tsp of corn flour to thicken it even more.

3. Serve the steaks with your pepper sauce poured on top

4. As for the rice, since we’re putting one cup add 2 cups of water, add to the water one cube of chicken magi stock, salt and pepper, Bay leaves, this will make your rice tasty.

5. The broccoli should be grilled in the same pan where the steak was so they cook in the same juices.

And that’s pretty much it! very delicious and wont take much of your time to do. Bonne Appetit

P.S my website is being weird so if a crazy green color comes out bare with it till i fix it!


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