The picture says it all ..

How beautiful it is to be genuine? to be yourself, to be you? I think that is the most beautiful thing in the world, the word fake is not in my dictionary, copying isn’t either, coming up with your own recipe that you’ve put together with love and passion the outcome of that can do wonders, the person who has inspired me so much and is my role model to every beautiful thing i do in my life is my hubby, so honey these white chocolate pecans with sticky candy frosting cupcakes are for you 🙂

Baking cupcakes can seem easy, anyone can pretty much do it, when it comes to the batter it’s pretty easy, just mix ingredients pop it in the oven and voila unlike a cake where anything could go wrong, but i think what makes a cupcake special is when you come up with your own like that cupcake project blog i’ve mentioned  just makes you stand out from the rest, makes you really special. So speaking of that tonight i’ve created my own, was pretty hesitant of the ingredients i wanted to use, but i just combined what i liked and tried new things and the results were delicious.

I was having some fun in the kitchen taking some cool pictures to share with you guys, these are how they looked when they were rising.

then when they were done, i left them to cool while i was preparing my frosting

then you apply the frosting by dipping them in it, and end it with a cute design of melted chocolate and sprinkled pecans. beautiful.


2 thoughts on “The picture says it all ..

  1. Wow, they look amazingly delicious. One big BRAVO for the gorgeous look and one more BRAVO & my respect for creating your own recipe. This is called an art! Well done!:)

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