Penne pasta and cheese with Spinach

what a beautiful Saturday! today we did this dish using the healthy pyramid i posted about last time, it was nice and light, here is the recipe:


1 pack of Whole grain penne pasta

Organic  grated Parmesan

Organic grated Mozzarella cheese

1 pack of frozen spinach “make sure to use it when it’s defrosted a little”

3 Tbsp flour

1/4 cup Canola oil

3 cups skim milk

bread crumbs

salt and pepper



1. Preheat oven to 375F

2. Cook the pasta as directions shown on pack.

3. In a  separate pan heat the canola oil with the flour then gradually add the milk and stir till mixture thickens, when that happens add the spinach, grated parmesan, mozzarella and season with salt and pepper, the quantity of your cheeses is optional according to your likes.

4. In a baking pan mix the pasta with your cheese spinach mixture and sprinkle on top the cheeses and bread crumbs

4. Let it cook for another 35 minutes till top is golden and enjoy!


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