Tuna Salad

When i used to diet before, this used to be my favorite salad and it gives you a lot of energy, when i wake up in the morning starving cause of the intense workout  i eat it sometimes in the morning it gets me through the day just well, it’s very simple and doesn’t require much effort, just toss them together and that’s it, you can use two different dressing, either the light mayo and lemon dressing, or citrus dressing, they are both good but the citrus is less caloric so you’ll know how to chose, anyways for this salad you’ll need.

– 1 Can of tuna in water

– 1/2 an onion

– 2 cucumbers

– 1 green pepper

– Small baby lettuce head

– A handfull of sliced mushrooms


Just toss everything together and prepare your dressing on the side, don’t put your dressing in the salad because in case you didn’t finish if you place in the fridge it becomes too soggy, and you can control the quantity better when it’s on the side.

For the light mayo and lemon dressing:

– 2 Tbsp of light mayo

– 1 tsp of Dijon mustard

– 3 Tbsp lemon juice

– 1/4 cup water

– Olive oil

– Salt and pepper


Mix all of the above together, when it comes to the consistency of the dressing it’s up to you how much water or olive oil you want to add, so the measurements above are according to what i like, everyone is free to do it however they want.

For the Citrus dressing either you keep it simple just using Lemon juice and salt and pepper, or you can add a little olive oil with it, and that’s pretty much it.

This salad is filling, plus it’s considered a good meal, light on your stomach, a smaller quantity can make an excellent snack!


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