Chicken with Cauliflower,mushroom and baby corn in béchamel sauce topped with cheese

You know how a lot of people always get cravings for chocolate? well i am very different, for some reason I crave cheese, I can’t explain how much I love cheese, though i know i gotta make sure to not eat lots of it so i don’t become the size of a freaking killer whale! but yeah i do love cheese so i try to incorporate it in my dishes, but i do intend to use low fat and sometimes non fat, for example for this one i have used organic low fat Mozzarella cheese. So here is the recipe:


– 4 Chicken breasts

– One small chopped onion

– Around 2 Tbsp of chopped Celery

– 1 Handful of whole mushrooms

– 1 Small cauliflower florets

– 1 handful of baby corn

– 3 cups of skimmed milk

– 3 Tbsp of flour

– 1/4 cup Canola oil

– 1 cube of chicken stock

– Organic Mozzarella low fat shredded cheese


1. Using the steamer i steamed the cauliflower and baby corn for about 10 minutes, then set aside.

2. In a heated skillet saute the chicken with the onion and celery till it’s well cooked, don’t forget to season, then add the mushrooms and cook, when the chicken is almost done add the steamed cauliflower and baby corn and keep on stirring till they are all well cooked.

3. In a sauce pan, heat flour with Canola oil, when it starts to brown add the milk gradually and mix, when you’ve finished from adding the whole milk drop in the chicken cube stock and keep on stirring till your béchamel  thickens, make sure to season.

4. Preheat oven to 450 degrees, in a baking bowl add your chicken mixture, pour the béchamel on top and sprinkle with cheese, cook till the top looks like the picture!

In this dish, you can add any veggies you like and add the béchamel it would always make a wonderful dish.



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