Foods Good for your nails

Well since this is a food blog i don’t see why not post about food that are good for our nails, as for me my nails have to be perfect almost all the time, i get so bothered if i break a nail or if my nails aren’t done, i think pretty nails make pretty hands and the opposite.

If you want to have pretty and strong nails follow these steps:

1. Always moisturize your cuticles so they don’t look all dried up, you can use natural substances such as olive oil, adds softness and moisturizes your nails perfectly, just rub some gently on the nail, you can dip your nails in  a bowl of olive oil for about 5 minutes, trust me it makes a big difference.

2. As you know i love to cook, but i always make sure to wear gloves when i do, specially when washing the dishes, the wash that you use is specially dmade to remove stubborn stains so you can imagine what chemicals it contains and how it can not only damage your nails but also your skin, so before you put your gloves apply cream then wear your gloves to keeps your hands and nails nice and moist.

3. Add milk and eggs to your diet, if you have those white spots on your nails that means your low on Zinc.

4. Calcium helps make your nail grow strong, so more dairy products.

5. Legumes are full of proteins and biotin that are beneficial to your nails, so are lentils and brown rice cause of their content of B6.

Who said we can’t look pretty, and have pretty nails while we cook? 🙂


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