Yummy Moussaka

The word Moussaka comes from the Arabic word “musaqqaʿa” which is an eggplant based dish, also used in Greek cuisine, Turkish and South Slavic, this dish is usually done with minced beef topped with Bechamel sauce, but I do it a little differently which i think adds more flavour, and served with delicious chopped cucumbers and mint in Yoghurt!

Moussaka Ingredients:

– 1 Pack of minced beef

– 1 Medium onion finely chopped

– 2 Sliced eggplants into circular shape

– 4 Sliced potatoes into circular shape

– 2 Sliced large tomatoes into circular shape

– 2 Yoghurt

– 1 egg

– Since i like cheese a handful of Grana Padano Cheese grated of course

– 1 tsp of Oregano

– Salt and pepper

Ingredients for Cucumber in Yoghurt

– 3 Yoghurt

– 2 Tbsp olive oil

– 1 Crushed garlic clove

– 1/4 cup water

– 5 Cucumbers chopped in small cubes

– Handful of Chopped mint

– Salt


1. In a skillet cook the onion along with the beef till it’s browned, make sure to season, and set aside.

2. In a grilling pan, grill the eggplant with tomatoes and drizzle olive oil on top and sprinkle salt on both sides till they are nice and tender,

3. I’ve realized the steamer is excellent for cooking potatoes and cooks them so fast, it doesn’t break them a part like when you over boil them, you wont know the difference till you’ve tried to steam them, so i’ve done that with the potatoes, seasoned them with salt and pepper then set aside when they’re done.

4. In a baking pan, add the base of minced beef, then layer your tomatoes, eggplant and top with with your potatoes, make sure to sprinkle some Grana Padano in between, then in a separate bowl, mix Yoghurt, egg, the rest of your Grana Padano, salt and pepper then pour it on the top of your Moussaka, cook for about 30 minutes and it should look like the picture!

5. For the cucumber yoghurt, in a bowl mix the yoghurt, garlic, water and olive oil, add salt as desired, then toss in the cucumbers and mint.

I like to serve the cucumber yoghurt usually on the side in a small bowl next to the moussaka, Enjoy 🙂


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