Devil’s Cake with Nutella spread and topped with dark chocolate!

Finally a cake has been baked! Since i am an amateur cook the first application i downloaded on my iphone to help me with recipes is all recipes, you can actually get any recipe and choose from your category whether you want it low fat, high protein, slow cooker whatever it is you want i’m sure it’s there, so i came across this cool recipe for Devil’s food cake but i did a little twist in the end which i think made it even better! to get the recipe for this cake click on this link

After your cake has been baked and cooled, you spread it with Nutella in between, and for the outside you melt dark chocolate with some butter, again the quantity is up to you and you just spread that on the outside, you end it with maltesers and crushed hazelnuts in the middle! this cake defiantly made us very satisfied hehe 🙂


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