Beef Stroganoff served with brown rice

Dinner was yummy tonight! I love beef stroganoff, you can actually add anything you want to your beef, my husband likes corn so what the hell let’s add corn in there! here is the recipe.


– 400 Grams of beef stroganoff

– 1 Medium sliced onion

– 1 Handful of sliced mushrooms

– 1 Can of corn

– 2 Tsp of Dijon Mustard

– 1 Cube of Magi beef stock

– Any type of cooking cream you like, preferable light so you don’t end up feeling bloated


1. In a skillet using 2 Tbsp Canola oil, cook the onions they soften.

2. Add your Stroganoff and let it cook till nice and tender, bare in mind to season lightly.

3. When you beef is cooked add the mushrooms and corn and let it cook through.

4. When everything is cooked perfectly add in your cream and Dijon mustard and make sure to NOT cover your whole beef with cream let’s say leave around 2 cm off the top.

5. Cover your pan and let it cook on low heat till your cream thickens, again if you like it really thick then add 1 tsp of corn flour dissolved in a little bit of water and stir it in till you reach the thickness you like.

Then of course you do your rice on the side or whatever you like to serve it with. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Beef Stroganoff served with brown rice

    • I love sour cream! but i try to avoid it in cooking cause i don’t want it to be too fattening, but i do use it sometimes and it is delicious, specially with a 7 layer dip!!!

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