Complete lifestyle change

I’ve been struggling lately with lots of headaches and backaches, I always try to rest as much as possible but nothing seemed to be working, so i thought to myself that i should do a major change in my lifestyle and specially when it comes to healthy eating and workout, i used to workout on daily basis but with time i just kind of lost track and i completely stopped, but a lot of consequences came with that which are as follows:

– Difficulty waking up in the morning

– Out of shape

– Weight gain

– Constant headaches

– Crazy backaches

– Joint pain

– Very lazy during the day

– Depression

All these have been affecting me and i decided that i am in my late twenties and i shouldn’t be traumatizing myself this way and that i should immediately start doing some serious changes because with time it’s all going to pile up and cause serious damage to my life.

Today was my day one of success, I went to the gym at 6:30am worked out like crazy i felt there was a lot of energy that i had to let out, now being at work i feel so fresh sipping on my morning coffee very relaxed and headache free, in addition to my cooking should always be super duper healthy and i am planning on having an early snack and no dinner at night cause i know how late heavy dinners affect me negatively so that is going to stop! I have to stay committed so wish me luck! 🙂


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