Salmon heaven

I usually don’t like to dine outside much, but there was this specific restaurant that served mostly organic and healthy food so i used to go there every now and then, my favorite dish was Salmon in cream sauce and it was served with potatoes, then for some weird reason they have changed their menu and removed that dish from their list which of course was very disappointing, so anyways i was craving it recently and decided to make it, actually for me it tasted even better, in fact anything you cook home tastes much better than restaurants. So anyways here is the recipe.


– 3 Salmon fillets, skin off cut into cubes

– 4 Cloves of garlic, crushed

– 3 Cups low fat cooking cream

– Chopped Parsley

– Salt and pepper

– Canola Oil


1. Heat skillet and add around 3-4 Tbsp of canola oil and cook the salmon till it starts to change color to pink, and season with salt and pepper.

2. When the salmon is almost cooked you add the crushed garlic and you leave it to fully cook.

3. Add your cream and stir till all the juices from the salmon mix with your cream and leave to simmer for about 1-2 min.

4. Turn the heat off, add parsley and serve.

To enhance the taste you could use full fat cream or add 1 Tbsp of butter into your low fat cream, but again i chose not to because salmon is a fatty fish and i really hate heavy dishes that leave me bloated.



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