My lunch at work today

So yesterday i cooked this super duper quick for today and it turned out really good, and i was craving pasta cause it’s been a while since i’ve had some, AND all i had in the fridge was olives and tomatoes, so it’s pasta with olive and tomato sauce! bare in mind the below recipe is for one person.


– Any type of pasta you like, in my case i used fettuccine “the quantity picked is for one person”

– 2 Tomatoes diced

– 1 Shallot

– 2 Tbsp of sliced olives “any kind you like, i have used lebanese olives”

– Chopped basil

– Olive oil

– Salt and pepper


1. Cook pasta according to the direction on your package.

2. Heat 1 Tbsp of olive oil in skillet and cook your shallots for about a minute.

3. Add in your diced tomatoes and olives, leave to cook till your tomato juices start running.

4. Season with salt and pepper then taste to check if it’s to your satisfaction, then add in the chopped basil and that’s it!.


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