Gone green

Really like this dish, very light yet tastes delicious, it’s green beans in tomato sauce, usually we eat it with brown Arabic bread, it’s good when it’s warm but tastes even better when it’s cold, i actually don’t mind also having it in the morning! i have to admit my mom in law taught me how to do it ^_^


– 1kg of green beans

– 2 Onions “finely chopped”

– 5 Tomatoes “grated”

– 5 cloves of garlic

– Olive oil

– Canola oil

– Salt


1. Heat pan and add around 5 Tbsp of canola oil and cook the onions, don’t be scared of the extra oil we’re using Canola!

2. When your onions soften up add the green beans and cover, leave them to cook till they soften and are partially cooked, baring in mind to stir every now and then.

3. Crush your garlic and stir, cover them allowing them to cook more and soften up the beans, the only seasoning that you add is salt, and again you add as much as you desire.

4. Add in your tomatoes and let it simmer for about 15-20 min also baring in mind to stir every now and then.

5. Taste on bean and check if it’s cooked, when it’s done take off heat, and drizzle olive oil as much as you like.

That’s it! enjoy!



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