About Emeril Lagase

I’ve been watching a lot of Emeril live shows and to be frank he is fun to watch, very passionate with cooking, and he likes to perfect his dishes even if it meant extra parmesan cheese in the end, or putting a few spoons of butter, you see i like that! it wont kill you to enjoy the taste of food as long as you control your portions, no matter what you eat if you control your portions and you eat 3 main meals during the day with healthy snacks in between you should be FINE!

Emeril’s sense of humor and simplicity are great factors why his shows are awesome, and i like how he uses different words for stuff, for example he calls the fridge an ice box hehe.

Last time i was watching his show he was preparing lasagna but instead of the meat mixture he used types of mushrooms all together, i can just imagine how amazing it tasted! and ever since i’m so tempted to do which i will over the weekend, also it’s been a while since i’ve done a dessert dish! so that’s gotta change!


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