An apple a day keeps the doctor away

We had lots of apples in the fridge and i just knew i had to do something with them, and i have been craving an apple cake specially in the morning along with your morning coffee or tea, and what makes an apple cake even better? if you serve it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

I bought a while ago a Silicone tube bake ware that’s been in the cupboard for ever now! so it was time to use it, and surprisingly the cake came out perfect in it, no burns no nothing, i think the metal ones heat so much faster they create burn marks, but in the Silicone ones they allow the cake to cook evenly, so you guys should try them out, they have all kinds for all types of desserts.


For the cake

– 4 Apples peeled and cut into cubes

– 3 Cups of flour

– 2 tsp of baking powder

– 1 cup of sugar

– 1 tsp salt

– 1 cup of Canola oil

– 3 eggs

– 2 tsp vanilla extract

– 1 cup of pecans or walnuts “crushed”

For the frosting

– 1 Cup of brown sugar

– 1/4 Cup butter

– 1/3 cup milk


1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.

2. Mix your eggs, sugar, oil, and vanilla

3. Sift your flour, salt and baking powder then fold them in the egg mixture.

4. Fold in apples and pecans and you mixture should look like this

5. Pour mixture in your tube and bake it for about 45 min to an hour, when it’s done it should look like this

6. Remove and let it cook, then heat your topping ingredients, and bring to a boil then pour it on top of your cake when you have removed it from your tube of course.

7. Sprinkle with powdered sugar and cinnamon, don’t forget your vanilla ice cream scoop 😉 Enjoy!





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