Goodbye food, hello chemical diet

Not that i am a big fan of diets but my husband was on a chemical diet and lost a lot of weight in over a month period of time which inspired me a lot, i mean who wouldn’t want to lose a few pounds to look good? so i thought this is a great challenge for me plus i wanted to see if i can get creative with the foods given to eat, very little ingredients but  still gotta make it taste good, we’re suppose to continue our diet for a month starting from today, i am suppose to lose 7 kilos as per mentioned so i will be weighing in my 50’s now that will be for me like a dream come true! As per any diet if you don’t maintain your weight after that you will end up gaining back the weight you have lost and the longer maintaining period the better it is.

Let me explain how the chemical diet works:

You basically are given pairing specific groups of food to eat that create a chemical reaction within the body helps the metabolism increase and thus the fat is burnt from inside the human body system, you will get rid of all the stubborn fat that has been there for years.

So we will see how things go and i will post progress and how much we are losing per week, i am planning to do light workout nothing crazy and will still post good recipes 🙂 wish me luck!


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