Lentil soup with chard, potatoes and zucchini

As i have posted about this soup when i was in Lebanon, i did it a while back again and i wanted to share the recipe with everyone:


– 2 Cups  brown lentil

– 1 Medium onion finely chopped

– 5 Zucchinis cut in small cubes

– 2 Potatoes cut in small cubes

– Juice of two squeezed lemon

– 2 Handful of chopped chard

– 3 tsp Cumin

– Salt


1. First you cook the lentils by boiling them.

2. In the mean time you stir fry the onions, when translucent add in the potatoes, zucchinis and chard, then season with salt, don’t fully cook them just till they soften up a little, then add them to cook fully in the lentils.

3. When everything is perfectly cooked, you add in the cumin and lemon and that’s it, now of course it’s up to you how much lemon and cumin you want in it it is all up to you in the end.



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