Progress “Week 1” of the Chemical diet

We’ve made it! it’s been a whole week with no cheating at all, the 1st wo days were tough but then you just get used to it, you have to have a very strong will to be able to commit to a diet otherwise it will never work.

I have lost 2 kilos around 4 pounds and so did my husband, the weight loss might be a little more that what it should be but i am going to have to REALLY becareful after i stop to maintain for around a month to not gain anything back.

I have noticed that my skin is clearing out, i am drinking plenty of water and i feel very healthy and very light.

Craving problems? i am craving cheese a lot! and chocolate but i am controlling myself, specially when i weighed myself and saw the progress i wont do anything to ruin it! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Progress “Week 1” of the Chemical diet

    • Sure thing! I can email you the diet if you like but the thing is i have it in Arabic so i’m going to have to translate it to English for you if you want it, so yes?no? 🙂
      Basically they say that this type of diet you pare specific types of foods when you eat them and they make your metabolism work like crazy therefor you lose a lot.

      waiting for your reply 🙂

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