Forbidden Love

Went to visit my mom over the weekend and she was doing these crazy looking crepes!!!! but i was strong and i kept committed to my diet, but everyone else had some and they said it was delicious!

For the Crepe you’ll need:

– 2 Eggs

– 1 Cup milk

– 1 tsp Lemon zest

– 1 tsp Vanilla extract

– 1 Tbsp sugar

– Flour


1. First you beat the eggs and mix in the milk, sugar, vanilla and lemon zest, then you gradually add flour till your mixture thickens, i don’t usually have a specific measurement i just keep on adding till it thickens.

2. Heat skillet and spray with Canola oil and using a small cup take from your batter and pour it in to your pan, then spread it around by moving it.

3. Flip to cook the other side and voila.

You can fill them with anything you want, in my case we filled it with Nutella and sprinkled walnuts on top served with strawberries! 🙂


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