Chemical Diet Progress – Week 2

I am not just happy that I’ve made it to the end week 2 but very very proud of myself, I am even cooking and baking cakes and STILL managing to stop myself from eating.

I reached a point where i’m half way there and won’t do anything to ruin it, so the great stuff that happened to me in week 2 is my jeans got big, to the point where i need to get new ones because the old ones have my old body shape and it just looks wrong when i wear them, my stomach got so much flatter i even took measurements and it was a big difference!, my arms got smaller, my legs got more shaped, total weight loss for week two was 1.5KG’s so in total i lost 3.5KG’s which is EXCELLENT for me because i’m not over weight to start with but I’m just trying to get rid of some extra stubborn fat that has been there for years and i believe it’s working very well (^_^)

Week 3 will be the hardest, because some days require to eat only fruits of 1 type so it’s gonna be hard but a good challenge for me so hopefully i’ll be posing about week 3 with even a bigger smile on my face 🙂

Drinking lots of water and organizing my meals help a lot manage and control my hunger, because you know the more you starve yourself you will lose control over food.


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