Getting fishy again!

The above is a wonderful fillet of Hamour that tastes absolutely delicious “Hamour is the gulf name for grouper fish” and surprisingly i never knew that cooked lemon taste so good which gave me more ideas what to do with it from now on!

This is how you do it.


-4 Fillets of Hamour

– 3 Lemon sliced

– Zest of one lemon

– Spices (Cumin+sea salt+pepper)

– Canola oil spray


1. You get a baking pan spray it with canola and lay down your lemons to make a bed of lemons.

2. Season your fillets with the mentioned spices then place on top of your lemons and sprinkle the zest on top.

3. Cook in the oven for about 20-30 minutes and thats it!

4. For the sauce i used Tahini sauce which consists of (2 Tbsp of Tahini, juice of one lime and some salt)

I have also prepared the same fish but with rice which i will post about soon 🙂


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