Chicken with mushrooms in phyllo

This is very similar to the Banitsa i’ve done before but the stuffing is different which consists of chicken and mushrooms, tastes absolutely delicious, you can do a Béchamel sauce on the side to pour some on top of your piece.


– 1 Pack of ready phyllo dough

– 4 Chicken breasts cubed in small size

– Handful of sliced mushrooms

– 5 Cloves of garlic

– Canola oil

– 1 egg

– Parmesan cheese

– salt and pepper


1. First heat your oven tp 350 degrees.

2. In skillet stir fry the garlic then add the chicken and let it cook through.

3. When almost cooked add the mushroom and season.

4. In a baking sheet grease it with canola, then take a few sheets of phyllo and grease the sheet, you must grease every sheet you place.

5. You take your mixture and place it in one layer then sprinkle Parmesan on it, and you keep on layering and adding the mixture till you run out just like a lasagna.

6. In the end on your top phyllo sheet, you beat that one egg and pour it on top, sprinkle parmesan and stick in the oven for about 35-40 minutes.

This dish is really nice when you cut the whole thing into small cubes so they become like cute mini bites that you can munch on when watching a movie 🙂



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