End of week 3 “HUGE SUCCESS”


I feel like a different person, lost over 10 pounds, used to weigh 133.4 pounds and today i weigh 121 pounds the least i ever weighed in my life “in your face for all the people who thought i couldn’t do it”  STILL can’t believe i have a flat stomach! haha! i want to jump like a crazy idiot in my place from happiness!!!! not only that i have also inspired some people at work they also started the diet so hopefully they reach where i did because the feeling is so good.

This will be my last week and when it’s over it’s going to be the toughest part (Maintaining) so i will try to eat low fat, low carb, no sugar but i will start doing weight training to tone and have some muscle definition, let’s see if i can aim for a 6 pack maybe? i know i can do it 😉


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