Nicely presented “Pinjur”

We were invited over at my moms for dinner, she did amazing dishes and one of the most enjoyable one had to be this cool looking presentation of bread, cherry tomatoes served with a dip topped with cubed cheese called pinjur.

Pinjur; an Eastern European dish very popular in Macedonia and Yugoslavia also known in other countries, another name for it is “Ajvar” pronounced “Ayvar” usually it consists of peppers and eggplant, this is how you do it.


– 4 Roasted red peppers / 2 roasted yellow peppers

– 1 Roasted eggplant

– 2 Roasted red tomatoes

– 3 garlic cloves

– Handful of parsley

– Olive oil

– Salt


1. Peal of the skin of the peppers, eggplant and tomatoes.

2. Crush the garlic and then add in the peppers, eggplant and tomatoes until they all mush together.

3. Add a handful of chopped parsley.

4. Then add in the olive oil gradually and keep on stirring, the amount of oil is pretty much optional and end it with a pinch of salt.

You can also add chillies to make it spicy but i prefer it when it’s not, it’s delicious when you spread some on bread and top it with white bulgarian cheese.

It’s a great appetizer as well as great for a simple snack between meals.


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