Hash Browns but way healthier!

I really love the hash browns from macdonalds, but to be honest with you after i eat them i feel so full and the after taste of the oil just ruins everything, leaves me sick for a long long time, so i decided to do my own but of course way healthier AND bigger AND cheesier šŸ™‚


– 4 Potatoes boiled and mashed

– 1/4 parmesan cheese

– 1 egg

– bread crumbs

– Salt and pepper


1. Add yo your potatoes one raw egg, cheese, salt and pepper and mix it in well.

2. Make sure to do this step after your potatoes are cool because it’s easier to shape them, so you start creating balls from your potatoes and flatten them just a little to form somewhat the shape of a bun, then roll them in your bread crumbs. When you are done place them in the fridge for about 30 minutes before cooking them.

3. As we all know the method of cooking makes all the difference, you can spray with canola oil on a baking sheet and bake them for about 30-40 minutes, or fry them in Canola oil but not deep fried just stir fry and they will turn out delicious!

This makes an excellent side for breakfast or just as an appetizer for any meal during the day.


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