Chemical Diet-Week 4-Progress

Yummy colorful candy? do you know what it consists of? sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, food coloring that’s harmful for you and more sugar. Yes i would have some every now and then but preferable to have just a bar of chocolate than candy.

Again i apologize for the late post regarding my week 4 progress of the Chemical Diet, overall i have lost around 12 pounds in a period of one month, lots of patience and strong will is required to get you through those 30 days, strangely i never felt like i was craving specific foods where it made me want to quit “which usually is the case with me in any diet”, i think the food combination given totally kills your appetite though the only thing i would do differently is taking multi vitamins and drink more water on a daily basis.

It was a  great experience and an excellent self confidence boost, am i satisfied yet? yes but no, It’s time to do the next step which will be toning and muscle definition, so me and my husband are going to start the diet again on Sunday but this time i am going to do weight training, let’s see if i can get those six packs to come out as a challenge! though for this to happen you have to have extremely low percentage of fat in your body and i haven’t measured mine yet.

Bare in mind you should always take a break after finishing one cycle of this diet for two very important reasons, 1- to check if you are able to maintain your weight after AND 2 – to not let your body get used to the food so that when you start the diet again it goes into shock and you lose a lot of weight once you start. I have taken around 3 weeks of rest, i ate anything i wanted but in minimal quantity and i have managed to keep my weight so that’s another lesson i have learned, it’s not only what you eat it’s also the quantity.





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