An angel coming into this world

Yes everyone, i’m pregnant 🙂

The reason why i have been away for so long and couldn’t post at all since i found out i was pregnant, i am one of those 20% of women who get crazy pregnancy symptoms, the worse feeling in the world excessive nausea!!!! for the past two week i’ve been puking my guts out and can’t smell food AT ALL, how unfortunate since i have a cooking blog lol?

Thankfully this week i have finally started to feel somewhat better and started going to work, i know you guys are still following, please be patient i’ll try to post every now and then about random things and still will try to talk about food, i just can’t believe i’m so disgusted by food, my big big passion! “sigh”



2 thoughts on “An angel coming into this world

  1. Congrats! I guess saltine crackers, and lemons won’t help the nausea for you. I was always told to keep these by my bedside during my pregnancy, lemon wedges, that way when you felt sick, you’d suck on the sour lemons and that would help, or vinegar or even the saltine crackers and prevent you from puking.

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