Chicken in oyster sauce

As usual I still can’t seem to be satisfied of a specific look for my website, but until then I’m happy with what I’ve got now.

Been doing a lot of thinking of what to cook for lunch then decided to go for chinese, it’s easy and flavorful. I looked up a recipe online then tweaked it and it was awesome.


– 3 Large chicken breasts (cubed)

– 1 Cup sliced fresh mushrooms

– 1/2 Sliced onion

– 4 Cloves of garlic

– 2 Cups of water

– 3 Tbsp of oyster sauce

– 1/4 Cup soya sauce

– 2 Tbsp of brown sugar

– 1 Tbsp of honey


1. In a wok heat some oil and add the onions and garlic, sauté for a minute then add the chicken and season with some salt.

2. When the chicken is almost cooked, add the mushrooms and let it sauté.

3. By the time the mushrooms are getting sautéed, in a bowl mix in using a whisk the water, oyster sauce, soya, sugar and honey, pour on top of the chicken and let it simmer until your sauce thickens, I let it simmer for about 5 minutes.

4. If  you like your sauce to be extra thick, you can dissolve one tsp of corn starch in 2 Tbsp of water and add it into your sauce.

You can finish this dish by sprinkling some sesame seeds on top and serve it with noodles or rice. When you realize how easy it is to cook chinese I don’t think you’d ever want to dine outside specially when you know how much sugar and soya sauce they put in their sauces, scary!



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